HOW CAN I PAY off Payday Loans?

extinguish payday
  1. Start learning Finance tips
    If I had read anything on the topic before, I would have been aware that a loan at 30% per annum is just a machine for pumping out money and few people can make it a bargain.

I clearly lacked knowledge, and the first thing I did was collect a list of references so that I could study the theory carefully and not make any more mistakes. Books about the development of «money thinking», visualization of desires and affirmations, I rejected and chose those that were more like textbooks on financial literacy.

  1. I thought all debts
    The first step was to collect all the debts in a common list. I calculated the amount and recorded it in the negative balance format. I still believe that this is half the success: the desire to go from minus to zero gave excitement to the process and helped not to deviate from the goal.
  2. Learned to save on unimportant things. I was concerned that in order to get my finances in order, I would need to change my lifestyle. The «Refuse to take coffee with you» clause depressed my enthusiasm: it was not just a drink for me, but an opportunity to go to a favorite coffee shop, meet neighbors, have a fun chat.
  3. Victory! Six months later, I only have to pay my debts to my friends and my French teacher — 16,500 rubles. And within a month after I closed the loans, I finally came out on top. For the first time, I saw a positive value on the balance that I wrote down at the beginning. This, of course, was a victory — first of all, over the pernicious habit of spending more than I earn.

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