1. Payday Loans: why it is worth working in a niche and how much money is earned here.
    Payday Loans literally translates as”payday loans». These are micro-loans up to
    $1000 for a period of 2 weeks at a high interest rate with fairly low requirements for
    to the credit recipient. It’s fast and convenient: the whole process is online,
    confirmation is virtually instant.

In the US, the microfinance market has been growing and developing for about 20 years. About 100 million micro-loans are issued in the United States per year, and applications for them,
hundreds of millions, respectively. Think about this figure. Other than auto insurance no
no other niche that is even remotely related to affiliate marketing can compete with Payday Loans in terms of overall interest and traffic volume.
And it is certainly difficult to compare with the lead prices. In Payday, the price for a lead (confirmed request) is up to, please note, $170 (for example, in LeadsGate)! Please note that here it is customary to pay for a confirmed application, and not for the fact of obtaining a loan. And applications are confirmed or rejected in real time, as I have already said, in fact, the decision-making process is completely automated immediately.

The payday Loans niche is good because it is a mass-consumption product. And, as you know, really big money can only be earned in the mass segment.

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